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WRN LEGAL is a distinguished law firm based in Jordan, renowned for its exceptional team of leading attorneys, legal consultants, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Experts. With extensive experience and a longstanding presence in the legal landscape of Jordan and the UAE, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched legal services.


We have large and consolidated experience in the defense of and assistance to our clients before Jordanian courts and other Gulf Area’s jurisdictions. We handle all types of litigation cases - including civil disputes between individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partners, and any other form or entity. In any litigation case, our goal is always the same: Get the best, most favorable outcome for our client, and to protect their best interest. We try to come to the best and most efficient resolution but are also always ready to argue the case in court.



Our vision at WRN LEGAL is to be at the forefront of the legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) landscape, setting new standards of pioneering and excellence in our services. We strive to be recognized as industry leaders, known for our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch legal solutions. With a focus on continuous improvement and staying ahead of emerging trends, we aim to be the preferred choice for clients seeking exceptional legal representation and ADR expertise. Our vision is to create a lasting impact in the legal field and make a positive difference in the lives of our clients by providing unparalleled services that surpass expectations and lead to successful outcomes.


Building 10, Khalil Toutah Street, Al-Weibdeh, Amman-Jordan


+962 79 98906153


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