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Rania Wahbeh

Managing Partner

Mrs. Wahbeh has an extensive experience in Banking Law and Corporates. She is member at the Jordanian Bar Association and  has practiced law for more than 21 years in Jordan, and served as Legal Advisor and Lawyer for Jordan Ahli Bank, representing and litigating on behalf of the Bank in all cases, filed for or against the Bank before all courts and arbitration tribunals, In addition to other legal advisory tasks including legal consultations to the bank regulatory agencies, contracts drafting, as well as advising boards of directors, executive management and chartered committees in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties.

Mrs. Wahbeh has an extensive experience in Corporate Governance and is admitted to litigate before all courts in Jordan. She has argued numerous cases before the Cassation, Appellate, and First Instance Courts and has substantial experience in arbitration, litigation and legal procedures representing clients from both the public and private sectors.

Mrs. Wahbeh recently was certified under the (IFC&JIOD), Certified Board of Directors Program.

Practice areas include commercial, corporate, banking, real estate, employment, Insurance and civil legal matters.

Mrs. Wahbeh holds BA degree in Law from the University of Jordan.

Rania Wahbeh
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